PVDF film equipment

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PVDF film production line

Blaxially oriented PVDF solar cell back panel film production equipment is researched &developed by Wuhan Handern Machinery Co.,Ltd.,blaxially oriented the three-layers co-extrusion PVDF film material to make PVDF film product which has molecular bi-directional orientation function,this product has high strength and high flatness compared with normal PVDF film products


Machine type:HD-PVDF-1400mm

Main technical parameter:PVDF film width:1200mm(max)

                     PVDF film thickness:0.018-0.030mm

                     Film uniformity:±0.001mm

                     Output annually:    20,000,000m2

              Machine total length:30

              Machine width:5

100#PVDF film production line

200#PVDF film production line

300#PVDF film production line

400#PVDF film production line

500#PVDF film production line

600#PVDF film production line

700#PVDF film production line


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