lithium battery diaphragm machinery

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Lithium-ion battery separating film machine

The lithium-ion battery separating film production line made by our company has many years research,development,manufacture experience,its products has the function as follow:

(1)Having electrical insulation features ensure mechanical isolation of the positive and negative;

(2) Has a certain pore size and porosity, to ensure low electrical resistance and high ion conductivity, have a good permeability for lithium ions; (3) Since the electrolyte is a polar organic solvent, the film must resistant to the electrolyte, has enough chemical and electrochemical stability;

(4) Good wettability of the electrolyte and has sufficient liquid moisture absorbent capacity;

(5) Has sufficient mechanical properties including puncture strength, tensile strength, but the thickness is as small as possible; good dimensional stability and flatness;

(6) Good thermal stability and good automatic shutdown protection performance.Power battery has higher requirements of film, usually  use composite film. The film has small hot shrinkage or it will cause a short circuit, triggering a battery thermal runaway.

100#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

200#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

300#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

400#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

500#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

600#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

700#lithium battery diaphragm machinery

800#lithium battery diaphragm machinery


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