Red mud filled PVC and fly ash filled PVC

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2.3.21 Red mud filled PVC
Red mud filled PVC can also be called red mud plastic. It is a new composite material made of PVC and red mud mixed in a certain proportion and added with some other PVC molding aids.
(1) The properties of red mud filled PVC are the composite of red mud and PVC resin. In addition to the properties of ordinary PVC resin, it also has good heat resistance, mechanical properties and aging resistance. This composite material has low production cost and low toxicity. However, the relative density of red mud is large (2.7~2.9), and the color is earthy red, which is not suitable for making light and light-colored products.
(2) Preparation of PVC plastic filled with red mud
According to the formula requirements, PVC, red mud (aluminum refinery residue) and some other additives are measured and evenly mixed in a high-speed mixer, and then mixed in an extruder for plasticization and granulation to form a composite.
(3) Red mud filled PVC products and molding methods
Red mud filled PVC thermal products can be processed by extrusion, calendering and pressing. Formed products mainly include hard plastic products such as pipes, plates, floor tiles, etc; It can also be used to make soft products such as shoe materials and films for heavy packaging.
The production units of red mud filled PVC include Zhengzhou No. 3 Plastic Factory, Henan Anyang Plastic Factory, Chengdu No. 6 Plastic Factory, Guiyang No. 2 Plastic Factory, Weihai No. 1 Plastic Factory and Yingkou Plastic Factory. The process sequence of PVC products produced by these plastic plants filled with red mud is as follows.
① The process sequence of producing plastic products with extruder is as follows:
PVC resin sludge I>metering → mixing → mixing → granulation → extrusion → other auxiliary materials for products
② The process sequence of producing plastic sheet with calender is as follows:
PVC resin red mud ->metering → mixing → mixing → calendering → sheet → pressing plate and other auxiliary materials

2.3.22 Fly ash filled PVC

Fly ash filled PVC can also be called filled PVC, which is a composite material composed of PVC and fly ash. In addition to the properties of PVC, the addition of fly ash improves the corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and flame retardance of PVC resin and reduces the production cost of products.
The preparation method of PVC filled with fly ash is the same as that of PVC filled with red mud. As long as the fly ash (the waste slag and fly ash discharged from the thermal power plant are treated with coupling agent), PVC (XJ4 type) and other additives are evenly mixed according to the formula, the products can be formed by extrusion or calendering, and the formed products can be produced by completely referring to the process sequence in 2.3.20 of this book, including floor panels, wall panels, ceilings, wall decorative panels, corrosion resistant panels, and kang planking.
See Table 2-92 for the performance indexes of flyash-filled PVC molding board.
The production units of fly ash-filled PVC include Zhengzhou Plastic Plate Factory, Jiangsu Soap Chemical Co., Ltd. and Liaoyuan Calcium Plastic Material Factory.


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