The application field of hollow lattice plate production line is introduced

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Hollow lattice plate production line has a very wide range of applications, such as in the field of fresh transportation, the transportation requirements of this kind of goods are very high, there are certain requirements for shockproof, compressive, waterproof and heat insulation, and hollow plate in meeting the requirements of this use at the same time, its own good degradability, will not cause damage to the environment. In addition, in the field of electronic auto parts, packaging has high anti-static requirements, and to meet this adjustment, only need to use the modified mixed surface spraying method in the hollow plate production equipment can make the hollow plate with anti-static performance. In addition to these two points, hollow plates have the following applications:
1. Hollow plates can be used for bags and handbags, lining boards of supporting plates and spacers of supporting plates.
2. The bottle industry can also use this kind of plate to drag the plate to the glass bottle factory.
3, can also be used in the advertising industry PP hollow plate display box, display box, display rack, advertising version, corona board.
4, in the home decoration industry to the ceiling, toilet partition, can also use this material.
5, because of the good compression characteristics of the hollow plate, it can also be used in the machinery industry as a machine cushion plate.
6, in the home industry, such as tea table plate and furniture decoration board are made of this hollow board.

7, electrical refrigerator, washing machine backboard partition and floor mop, are also made of this material.


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