Recycling of materials in Wuhan Handern

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Recycling of materials in Wuhan Handern
In the production process, the proportion of leftover materials and waste products can reach 5-10%, and individual varieties can reach more than 20%. If we do not consider the recycling of leftover materials and waste products, sometimes it is difficult to maintain reproduction. Melt blown fabric production line
There are many kinds of rotor crushers for the recovery of hard materials (tubes, plates, rows, profiles, containers, injection parts, etc.). After the scraps such as tubes and rods are slid into the cutting chamber, they are sheared between two solid rotors with three knives and two stationary stationary knives. There is a shop at the bottom of the cutting room, which cuts the larger particles back and cuts them again. This kind of comminuted material belongs to random cutting. It is better to screen the fine powder after the powder ballast, and then mix it into the new material according to a certain proportion. Fine powder often causes poor appearance quality.
Thin and soft wastes such as films, woven bags and monofilaments can be recycled mainly.
(1) The film mill is used to cut the waste film into pieces, and the air supply device is connected with the extrusion production line to form a circulation system. The waste film pieces and new materials are mixed in a certain proportion in a special hopper and fed into the extruder for molding (Fig. 6-17).
(2) The cylindrical granular material is recycled by extruder, and the recycled granular material is mixed with new material in a certain proportion.
(3) The film and silk are cut, crushed and molded into pieces by double roll plastic mixer, and then cut into square shape by chopper for recycling. The above are the recycling methods of leftover materials and waste products of the plastic processing plant itself. If the waste plastics are specially recycled, the following steps should be followed.
① The materials are preliminarily classified by manual classification, and then crushed according to the category and size.
② Air separation and magnetic separation; the use of air separation to remove glass, metal and other heavy impurities. The fine iron impurities can be removed by using strong expanded iron.
③ Firstly, the grease is removed by alkali washing and the acid is neutralized, then the dust and other small impurities are removed by cleaning agent. Melt blown fabric production line
④ First, centrifuge is used for drying, and then hot air dryer or fluidized bed dryer is used for further drying.
⑤ For some materials, they should be ground into powder, and then mixed with new materials and additives in a certain proportion.
⑥ Because the waste plastics are easy to decompose and some volatile substances are also mixed in the extrusion granulation, the exhaust extruder is usually used. The screw thread section of the screw feed section is mostly serrated, and the rear chamfer of R4 is used. The common steel lining 38ct-mna1 steel inner sleeve is used for the material cylinder. The feeding section adopts a 2 ° conical inner sleeve to facilitate the feeding. The filter screen of the die head is often blocked by impurities, which increases the back pressure and affects the discharge. Therefore, the valve type replacement method or sliding type replacement method is often used to ensure the continuous extrusion. The material can be made by hot cutting in front of die (PVC material), hot cutting under water (PE, PP, etc.) and hot cutting after cooling in water tank (PS, PA, etc.). Melt blown fabric production line


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