Wuhan Handern random polypropylene filling masterbatch

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Wuhan Handern random polypropylene filling masterbatch
Random polypropylene can filling masterbatch (also known as app masterbatch) is a granular filler mainly composed of random polypropylene and calcium caproate, by-products of isotactic polypropylene production. Because of its excellent technical economy, it has been successfully applied in our country. Application of the leading city includes the production of polypropylene packing belt, tear film, monofilament woven bag, polyethylene hollow barrel, pesticide bottles, imitation gypsum hollow products, polypropylene meter plate and other electrical accessories, hard tube, PVC sole and other more than 20 kinds of products. Non woven machine www.handern.com
In the past, only a small amount of random polypropylene was used in some products, most of which were burned as waste, so the application of APP has great economic benefits.
Raw materials for filling masterbatch of random polypropylene
① The results show that the dispersion of polypropylene melt is small, which is beneficial to the solidification of polypropylene. In addition, random polypropylene resin begins to melt at about e90c, resulting in low melt viscosity, which can significantly improve the processing fluidity of the filling system.
② The amount of fillers in the filling masterbatch accounts for the largest proportion and makes the most outstanding contribution to reducing the cost. Therefore, we should seek cheap materials and maximize the amount of fillers as far as possible.
The particle size of filler has a great influence on the filling system. In general, the finer the filler, the better the dispersion, and the better the fluidity in the molding process. However, if the filler is too fine, its total surface area will increase. When the total surface area of the filler exceeds the area that can be covered by the resin, it is easy for the filler to agglomerate in the processing, thus reducing the performance of the product.
The filler can be light calcium carbonate, talc, etc. Non woven machine www.handern.com
③ The strength of coupling agent polymer filler system mainly depends on the interface formed when the resin and filler are combined. The coupling agent has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, the hydrophilic groups are chemically combined with inorganic fillers, and the hydrophobic long chain groups are entangled with polymer macromolecular chains, so as to improve the dispersion and compatibility of fillers in the resin and enhance the interfacial strength between them.
④ The strength of carrier resin random polypropylene is very poor when it is mixed with five times of its weight of powdery filler. In order to make particles with fixed shape, Quantitative carrier resin should be added. In random polypropylene filling masterbatch, because the mixing temperature of masterbatch is only about 100 ° C, the carrier resin can be low density polyethylene, and it is better than other resins in terms of price and raw material source. Non woven machine www.handern.com
⑤ The addition of a certain amount of lubricant is beneficial to mechanical operation, and fatty acids and fatty acid salts can activate the interface of inorganic fillers, which can improve their dispersion effect. However, it should be noted that the effect of coupling agent will not be reduced by adding lubricant.


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