Characteristics of plastic extruder Plastic sheet production line

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Characteristics of plastic extruder
Plastic sheet production line
With the gradual development of China's blow molding machine industry, the attention of the plastic industry is increasing day by day, and the demand for extruders is also transformed into high efficiency, energy saving and high output. Basic blow molding machine has become a hot topic. Today I'd like to share with you the characteristics of extrusion blow molding machine.
1. Modularization and specialization
The modular production of plastic extruder can adapt to the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for greater market share; while the specialized production can arrange the fixed-point production or even global procurement of each system module of extrusion equipment, which is very beneficial to ensure the whole period quality, reduce costs, and accelerate capital turnover.
Plastic sheet production line
2. Efficient and multifunctional
The high efficiency of plastic extruder is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In terms of function, screw extruder has not only been used for extrusion and mixing of polymer materials, but also has been widely used in food, feed, electrode, explosive, building materials, packaging, pulp, ceramics and other fields.
3. Large scale and precision
The realization of large-scale plastic extruder can reduce the production cost, which has more obvious advantages in large-scale twin-screw plastic granulation unit, film blowing unit, pipe extrusion unit and so on. It is necessary to speed up the localization process to meet the needs of petrochemical industry development.
Plastic sheet production line
4. Intellectualization and networking
Modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in plastic extruders in developed countries. The process parameters of the whole extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, rotation speed of main screw and feeding screw, feeding quantity, ratio of various raw materials, electric current and voltage of motor, are detected on-line and controlled by microcomputer closed-loop. This is very beneficial to ensure the stability of process conditions and improve the accuracy of products.Plastic sheet production line
The plastic extruder (host) can be matched with various plastic forming auxiliary machines, such as pipe, film, holding material, monofilament, flat filament, packing belt, extrusion net, plate (sheet) material, profile, granulation, cable coating, etc., to form various plastic extrusion production lines and produce various plastic products. Therefore, plastic extrusion molding machine is one of the widely used machines in plastic processing industry no matter now or in the future. Plastic sheet production line
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