Principle of plastic extruder Plastic sheet production line

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Principle of plastic extruder

Plastic sheet production line
Going to work after the Spring Festival, in the "Happy New Year" and "Happy New Year" greetings, the employees of all departments of our company quickly changed from "vacation state" to "work state", and put into the busy work. Here to share the working principle of plastic extruder.
The plastic extruder can be divided into two parts, the power part and the heating part. The power part usually uses the frequency converter to save the remaining energy consumption of the motor. The heating part generally uses the cast aluminum heating ring to save energy to a great extent.
The solid plastic is transformed into a uniform melt and sent to the next process. The production of melt involves additives such as mixed color masterbatch, mixed resin and regrinding. The finished melt must be uniform in concentration and temperature. The pressure must be large enough to extrude the viscous polymer. Plastic sheet production line
The plastic extruder completes all the above processes through a barrel with a screw and a spiral channel. The plastic granules enter the barrel through the hopper at one end of the barrel, and then are transmitted to the other end of the barrel through the screw. In order to have enough pressure, the depth of the screw thread decreases with the increase of the distance to the hopper. The external heating and the internal heat generated by the friction between the plastic and the screw soften and melt the plastic. Different polymers and different applications often have different design requirements for plastic extruders. Many of the options involve discharge ports, multiple feeding ports, special mixing devices along the screw, cooling and heating of the melt, or no external heat source (adiabatic plastic extruder), relative variation of gap between screw and barrel, and number of screws. For example, the twin-screw extruder can make the melt more fully mixed than the single screw extruder. In series extrusion, the melt extruded from the first plastic extruder is used as raw material to supply second plastic extruders, which are usually used to produce extruded polyethylene foams. Plastic sheet production line
Our company's plastic PP hollow board equipment, polypropylene hollow board equipment, hollow board equipment advantages are;
Extruder: the screw with different design and the special temperature control system ensure the stable plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency. The outstanding advantages of our company are high energy saving efficiency, the same output, and 20% saving of motor power
Die: excellent alloy die lip and adjustable choke block provide uniform pressure
Vacuum calibrator: array interleaving of thermal convection system, guarantee calibration, and calibration of vacuum system. The vacuum system consists of two separate subsystems, equipped with a large number of closed-loop vacuum lines. Plastic sheet production line
Electrical control system: the microprocessor unit PLC is used to control the parameters and optimize the operation characteristics
Wuhan modern Seiko's hollow board production solution includes the following main advantages:
High efficiency (contract can be signed for production efficiency and full payment can be made after effectiveness)
Production (controllability of product thickness and quality, the same equipment and mold can produce 2-6mm products)
Reliability and stability (more than 300 hollow board production lines of Wuhan modern Seiko are in production)
Strong adaptability (our equipment can use recycled materials, leftover materials and crushed materials for direct production, saving 30% of production cost)
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