PP sheet of plastic sheet production line

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PP sheet of plastic sheet production line

What are the construction precautions of PP plate? Among all kinds of plastic plates, PP plate has the advantages of low density, easy welding, easy processing and so on, which is widely used in construction. So what should we pay attention to? Plastic sheet production line handern.com
1. First of all, remember to check the building drawings, determine the accurate construction site, so as to avoid some unnecessary trouble later. Also check the flatness, strength and other aspects of the wall and ground of the installation plate, whether the construction requirements are strictly implemented, if not, the corresponding measures need to be taken as soon as possible.
2. Secondly, in order to ensure better construction effect, relevant personnel need to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of PP plate related knowledge and construction requirements, and confirm its type, color and quantity. For cleaning, high-pressure water is generally used for washing. After finishing, the base course is polished to make it have certain strength and rigidity.
3. In addition, in the construction process, we should try our best to reduce the welding seam and prevent leakage. Wuhan modern Seiko pointed out that ensuring the firmness of welding is helpful to improve the construction quality and make the plastic plate play its due role. PP sheet has smooth surface, uniform thickness and wide application range; PP sheet has uniform thickness, light weight, good heat resistance and mechanical strength; PP sheet is a very environmentally friendly plastic sheet; PP sheet is an ideal building material. Plastic sheet production line handern.com
PP board, also known as polypropylene board, is a hard semi crystalline material with high melting point, which is mainly used in acid and alkali resistant equipment. Also known as polypropylene (PP) board, for semi crystalline materials, compared with PE board, it will be much harder, and the melting point is also higher. Because PP is very fragile when the temperature is above 0 ℃, most commercial PP materials will add 1 ~ 4% ethylene random copolymer or clamp copolymer with higher ethylene content. The hollow plate unit produced by our company is one of the leading units in the world, which has high output and good automatic control. Production of various colors of common hollow plate, conductive hollow plate and various hollow plate packaging box, turnover box, diaphragm plate, bag liner, sunshade and other products. PE, PP materials. The width is 1200mm-2700mm and the thickness is 2mm-8mm. Products are widely used in electronic light industry, food machinery, posts and telecommunications, aquatic appliances, advertising decoration, building materials, etc. Plastic sheet production line handern.com
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