PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line

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PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line
Nylon alloy
Nylon has a good balance of comprehensive properties, and is widely used in automobile, electronic appliances, machinery, railway, weapons, construction and sports fields. Nylon has been developed into an important industrial synthetic material in the current national economic construction from the early Ming Dynasty as a substitute for its e-generation process. However, the use of nylon is limited due to its low heat resistance, easy moisture absorption, poor formability and dimensional stability. And if mixed with some substances. Then we can allow other shortcomings. In order to improve the performance of nylon plastics, we are now looking at the alloying and compounding of square and commercial clothing. Nylon platform technology is an important way to make longlong high performance and commercial function, and it has the advantages of short time, simple equipment and low cost. PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line www.handern.com
Polymer alloy is a multicomponent system composed of two or more kinds of polymers. It is also called polymer alloy and quotient molecular alloy. The preparation methods include chemical method and physical method. Nylon alloy is a multi-component polymer system with nylon as the main body and mixed with other polymers. Nylon can be made into alloy by compatibilization with many kinds of compounds
As follows: PA / PP, PE, PA / PPO, PPS, PA / PP, PBT, pet, nylon blends (PA / ptfepa / PS, ABS, PA / PA) PP / PE / PC central control grid plate production line www.handern.com
For example, PA / elastomer, PA / ABS and PA / rubber can improve the impact resistance. PA / PPO and PA / par (poly (aryl ester)) have both impact resistance and high heat resistance; PA / PBT and PA / PC can improve the mechanical strength; PA / PP and PA / PE can reduce water absorption and improve dimensional stability of products; PA / pet can improve the dyeability. PA and Pt, Fe, PPS, silicone can also be made into alloys with excellent friction properties and other special properties. Like other plastic alloys, nylon alloys include not only mechanical blends, but also block copolymers, graft copolymers and polymer composites formed by chemical changes during blending
Material Science. PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line www.handern.com
The 1970s and 1980s are the development period of nylon alloy development and application. In 1974, LDE and hasegwa published PA / PP blends for the first time. In 1976, DuPont introduced ZYT ST series of PA66 alloys, which opened the prelude to the development of PA alloys. There are DSM company in the Netherlands, BASF company in Germany, Xingchan company in Japan, Monsanto Company in the United States, Mitsubishi Gas Company in Japan, Asahi chemical company, Toray, Mitsui chemical company, GE company in the United States and other large companies have successively developed ABS / PA6, PA / PP, PA6 / PE, PA / PC. PA66 / PA12, PA66 / ppa66 / PE, PA66 / EPDM, etc. PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line www.handern.com
In the aspect of toughening mechanism, on the basis of traditional theory, the theory of crazing shear band is put forward, and the cavitation theory, percolation theory and toughening mechanism of rigid organic particles are produced. Many important achievements have been made in the aspects of microstructure, compatibilizer evaluation, characteristic analysis and mechanical properties evaluation of polymer alloys, which greatly promote the development of nylon alloy technology. In terms of preparation technology, a large number of non reactive compatibilizers and reactive compatibilizers have been developed to solve the key problems in the preparation of nylon alloy. At the same time, blending modification equipment such as twin-screw extruder technology is becoming more and more mature, which provides a qualitative basis for the industrialization of blending modified polymer. PP / PE / PC central control checkerboard production line www.handern.com


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