Plastic mesh bag

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Plastic mesh bag
The cylindrical mesh woven cloth is mainly used as the packaging bag of various vegetables and fruits, as well as the wind screen. After coating, it can be used as various tarpaulins, geotextiles, etc. it is a low-cost and multi-purpose packaging material. The production of plastic mesh is to make the wire material pass through the reverse die lip in the direction of 45 ° with the longitudinal direction, and then oriented into a light tubular mesh cylinder. The mesh materials with various mesh, diameter and color can be made according to the needs. It is usually produced with polyethylene. Plastic nets of different (formed) shapes are shown in Figure 2-1. The production of plastic mesh began in the 1950s. Nowadays, plastic mesh is widely used all over the world in many forms. Introduction to the processing technology of new and old plastic bags made of mesh materials stretched on the die and after extrusion ① tubular mesh on the transverse coiling roll (commonly called rope in industry): ② trademark belt transformed from rope, which is heat set in the open pipe, usually folded by the side) and folded, sealed and sealed by the manufacturer; ③ ordinary bag, which is a section of plastic cut by a hot knife and heat sealed. Film coating composite production line com
Mesh bag production equipment I. composition of mesh bag production equipment mesh bag production equipment is mainly composed of plastic wire drawing machine, wire winding machine, mesh loom, etc. plastic wire drawing machine, wire winding machine and wire drawing equipment of plastic woven bag production equipment in Chapter I. The machine and wire winding machine are the same, which will not be introduced in this chapter. Mesh bag weaving equipment is generally round weaving equipment and flat weaving equipment. (1) It is assumed that after the weaving shaft and weft tube are made, it will go to the weaving process. With the development of weaving industry, the mesh flat loom is far from meeting the needs of production development. (2) Mesh bag circular loom equipment has advanced control, balanced transmission, high production efficiency, one-time forming and smooth processing surface. Composite coating line com
Mesh bag circular loom the whole machine of mesh bag circular loom consists of: main machine (also known as machine barrel), warp conveying device, creel, cloth winding machine, etc. (1) The main machine is driven by the main motor to complete the weaving process of mesh fabric, and the woven fabric is rolled up through the traction roller. (2) The warp conveying device is to send the warp pulled out from the creel to the host after tension adjustment.
The plastic mesh bag (3) is designed to supply silk directly from the silk spindle. The loom is equipped with creels and arranged with longitudinal warp tubes for warping and wire feeding. (4) The cloth rolling machine is used to roll up the woven round and simple cloth, which is rolled up for cutting and sewing. Film coating composite production line com
Loom mechanism and device 1. Power mechanism mesh bag circular loom uses a 4kw motor as the main engine power, and uses a V-belt to drive the main shaft through the transmission wheel. The speed of the main shaft is the speed of the shuttle. The maximum speed of the machine is 70r / min, and can be adjusted steplessly.
2、 The cylindrical opening cam of the opening device is fixed on the main shaft, and the interleaving cam is fixed on the cylindrical opening cam. Both rotate with the main shaft, and the opening slider moves up and down along the curve of the cylindrical cam. Drive the brown belt and link the inner and outer heald frames to move up and down alternately, and the transverse sliding block moves laterally left and right for a certain distance under the control of the eccentric shaft, so as to form a leno shed and weave mesh fabric.
3、 The door ring includes the upper and lower door rings and the steel box in the middle of the door ring, which together form the track of shuttle operation. The warp passes through the reed gap and is arranged radially, and the shed is formed along the heald rod position. 4、 The diameter of the distance ring is determined according to the required width of the fabric. Due to the special needs of mesh fabric, the distance ring is equipped with small dividing wheels, and the number of dividing wheels is determined by the warp density. It should be noted that each small dividing wheel must be able to rotate flexibly. Introduction to package processing technology of Xinri turnover fifth, traction roller device, which clamps the braid and pulls it at a constant speed. The seasonal phase introduction device uses the main shaft sprocket to drive the variable speed gear by chain, the vertical shaft and the deceleration to adjust by changing the variable speed gear as listed in table 2-1. Fortunately, the linear speed of the guide roller represents the weaving speed, and the weft density is determined at the same time. During weft dense weaving, if you want to adjust the tension of the traction weaving mesh, you need to disengage the clutch at the top of the vertical shaft, and then manually rotate the hand wheel. 6、 Tension compensator the tension compensator is the warp supplied by the creel. The warp feeding device sends it to the main machine at a constant tension and speed, but the opening movement of the heald frame and the passage of the shuttle will produce tension fluctuations. This device is used to absorb irregular tension to maintain the uniformity of warp tension. Tension compensation is mainly caused by the elasticity of the jump bar steel wire itself and the role of the spring in absorbing irregular tension. There is a broken wire detection ring behind the jump rod. The warp is too loose and suddenly broken during the weaving process. The steel wire of the jump rod bounces back and contacts the wire detection ring, and the machine stops automatically immediately. Table 21 number of variable speed gear teeth and weaving speed corresponding to different weft density weft density variable tooth weaving speed weft density variable tooth weaving speed VII. Shuttle large mesh bag circular loom is usually equipped with four shuttles, which are equipped with weft tubes to insert weft through the gradually formed shed. The adjustment of weft tension is controlled by the spring force when the brake steel wire on the shuttle contacts the weft tube. When working, the spring force of the four shuttle brakes on the same loom must be consistent. Film coating composite production line com
The shuttle is equipped with a weft break detection device. When the knitting process is interrupted or the weft is used up, the detection device sends a signal to stop the machine automatically.
8、 Shuttle propulsion device the four push roller arms of the shuttle propulsion device installed on the main shaft are connected with the push rod located on the plane of the open cylindrical cam, and the rotation of the cylindrical cam pushes the push roller arm to rotate together. The gear transmission box on the push roller arm is equipped with a friction wheel. Through the rotation of the friction wheel, the push wheel of the shuttle is driven to run clockwise, and the weft is discharged while the shuttle moves forward.
9、 The interleaving device is equipped with an interleaving cam on the open cylindrical cam to fasten it. When the heald frame runs to the flat heald position under the control of the open cylindrical cam, the eccentric shaft mechanism controlled by the interleaving cam makes a left or right deflection to make the inner heald frame make the same deflection, so as to realize warp interleaving. 10、 The warp supply system has a set of creels on both sides of the host, and each set of creels is equipped with half of the warp tubes. Each warp must be threaded into its own position according to rules to ensure regular warp supply. 11、 Warp tension controller the warp supplied by the creel enters the main machine regularly through the wire feeding device. In order to ensure the consistency of the tension of each warp, there is a tension adjustment on the wire feeding main roller (chrome plated roller).


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