breathable polyethylene film

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                                                                                                                                                                       Breathable film extrusion machine

Medical permeable membraneWater-proof breathable polyethylene film

Process characteristics: use the PE breathable granule as the main raw material, extrusion casting, stretch to produce microporous then form waterproof but breathable film.


Use area:

Hygiene products such as sanitary, napkins, diapers, surgical clothes, surgical bed sheets.

● Daily necessities: raincoat, gloves, waterproof clothes, etc.
● Building Supplies: breathable waterproof materials, anti-dew film.

 Breathable Film width:1200mm-2600mm

 Machine line speed:100M-180M

 Breathable Film Thickness:0.015mm-0.08mm

 Max.Extrusion capacity:200-300-400-500-600KG/H



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