Polyethylene cable material(1)

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Polyethylene cable material(1)
Polyethylene cable material mainly refers to low-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials (such as carbon black, antioxidant, etc.) added, after being mixed evenly, it is granulated by an extruder or compressed into sheets and reeled by an internal mixer or an open mill, and then cut into granules by a granulator, which is polyethylene cable material.
Polyethylene cable material has high volume resistance coefficient, good voltage resistance, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss; Good chemical stability; And it is less affected by temperature and frequency; The water resistance, solvent resistance and moisture resistance are very outstanding. The voltage resistance is higher than that of PVC in the work, the atmospheric aging resistance is very good, and the service life is long.
Polyethylene cable material is mainly used as the insulation and protective layer of wires and cables. According to different uses, cable materials can produce a variety of cable materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene, semi conductive polyethylene, foam polyethylene, high voltage resistant polyethylene, flame retardant polyethylene, light resistant polyethylene, heat resistant polyethylene and other types of cable materials. In addition, there are communication cable materials specially used for communication cables.

(1) The raw material of polyethylene cable material is mainly polyethylene resin with a density of 0.92g/cm3 and a melt flow rate (MFR) of 025g/10min, and some auxiliary materials (such as antioxidant, carbon black, etc.) are added to enhance the anti-aging performance of the product. Table 10-7 lists the reference formula of raw material combination for polyethylene cable material production and molding. Formula 1 is the formula of black polyethylene cable compound for sheath; Formula 2 is the formula of irradiated cross-linked polyethylene cable compound; Formula 3 is the semi conductive polyethylene cable compound for core shielding; Formula 4 is foam polyethylene cable compound formula. During application, the proportion of various auxiliary materials can be appropriately modified according to the actual work needs of the conductor.

At present, HDPE 7000F produced by Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and HDPE 5300E7000F produced by PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical Complex can be used as cable sheathing materials.

(2) Equipment

① When using granulation, the equipment used includes high-speed mixer and twin-screw granulation extruder.
② When the pelletizer is used to cut the material into granules, the equipment used includes high-speed mixer, internal mixer, open mill and pelletizer.

(3) Forming method

① When mixing raw materials with extruder for granulation
LDPE resin, antioxidant, carbon black and other auxiliary materials are measured according to the formula → evenly mixed → plasticized raw materials are mixed in a twin-screw extruder in a molten state → extruded strips are pelleted
② When the material is cut into granules with a granulator
LDPE resin, antioxidant, carbon black and other auxiliary materials are measured according to the formula requirements → evenly mixed → raw materials are mixed in the internal mixer → raw materials are mixed in the open mill and rolled in pieces → particles are cut on the pelletizer


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