Communication wire and cable

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Communication wire and cable
The application of communication wire and cable is very large, and the extrusion molding production speed of this kind of cable is gradually increasing. For the application of communication cables, the strength, hardness, toughness and other performance indicators of cables are mainly controlled. Table 10-11 is the national standard GB/T 13849
(1) The raw material shall be high-density polyethylene resin for extrusion molding of communication wires and cables. HDPE resin brands in Table 10-11 can be selected, and DH110T, DH050T and DH170T from Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company can also be used. If there is no special extruded communication cable material, it can also be extruded into communication cable material by mixing HDPE and modified resin with a certain proportion of antioxidant, copper resistant agent and other auxiliary materials.
(2) Equipment
① The equipment used for raw material mixing and granulation includes grinder (used for color material particle refining), mixer (mixed with various raw materials), twin-screw granulation extruder (premixed plastic raw materials, granulation).
② Communication cable extrusion production equipment includes single screw extruder (general type)
Forming mould and auxiliary equipment, etc.
See Table 10-12 and Table 10-13 for the technical parameters of some domestic granulating equipment and cable coating unit used for the production of cable materials.
(3) Forming process
① Process sequence of HDPE modified blend extrusion molding cable compound
HDPE, modified resin and auxiliary materials are measured according to the formula (mixing and grinding of auxiliary materials) → high-speed mixer mixing → twin-screw extruder mixing plasticizing raw materials → extruding strip materials from the mold → cooling and shaping (water-cooling) → traction → air drying → pelleting (finished cable materials)
② Process sequence of communication cable extrusion
Pre heating and drying of modified blend HDPE cable material, plasticizing and drawing → copper core → straightening → softening → pre heating spark inspection → outer diameter test → winding (finished cable)
③ The processing temperature of plasticizing raw materials in twin screw extruder for cable molding shall be controlled within the range of 160~240 ℃; The extruded strips shall be cooled and shaped in water at 40~60 ℃, and then pelleted.
④ The processing temperature of the communication cable extrusion raw material is controlled within the range of 180~260 ℃ when the single screw extruder is used to melt the raw material; A perforated plate is added in front of the barrel, and a four layer filter screen is used. The mesh number of the filter screen is 80/120/120/80
The copper wire shall be preheated at about 100 ℃ before entering the mold; If the diameter is 0.5mm, the mold is 052mm/095mm, and the outer diameter of the finished communication cable is 0.89mm.
(4) The technical quality requirements of communication cables shall refer to the provisions of GB/T13849-93.


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