PVC/ABS plastic alloy and PVC/ACR blend

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2.3.19 PVC/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer blend
PVC/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer blends can also be called ABS modified PVC. In fact, this blend is mainly PVC and ABS resin alloy.
A plastic alloy made by blending can be abbreviated as PVC/ABS plastic alloy.
(1) Properties of PVC/ABS plastic alloy
PVC/ABS plastic alloy is a kind of blend material with the advantages of both PVC and ABS resins. Its products are flame resistant, self-extinguishing without fire source, resistant to chemicals, good mechanical properties at room temperature, heat resistant, impact resistant, and easy to process; The surface gloss, dyeability and appearance decoration of the product are better than
The weather resistance of seed material is not as good as that of PVC products.
The original PVC products, but PVC/ABS products should not be used outdoors, because the PVC/ABS plastic alloy is a product with multiple colors, the appearance can be porcelain white, light yellow, ivory, black or other colors, without mechanical impurities, and the surface is uniform
(2) PVC/ABS plastic alloy manufacturing method
① According to the application conditions of PVC/ABS plastic alloy molding products, the composite formula of PVC/ABS blends was designed.
② Various raw materials (PVC, 5%~15% ABS, stabilizer, modifier and other additives) are measured according to the material proportion requirements in the blend formula.
③ Use a high-speed mixer to mix all kinds of metered materials evenly.
④ Mix and plasticize evenly with a mixer or extruder, and then cut out uniform granular materials.
(3) PVC/ABS plastic alloy products and molding methods
PVC/ABS plastic alloy products can be molded by extrusion, calendering and injection molding. This kind of blend is mostly used to form rigid plastic products with flame retardance and good impact resistance. Such as extruded pipes, sheets and insulating sleeves for wires and cables. Injection moulded TV case, telephone case, electronic computer case, various instrument and meter cases, automobile components, connectors in wiring, warp and weft tubes in textile machinery, etc.
The selection of extrusion molding equipment should refer to the extrusion molding process conditions of ABS resin: the length-diameter ratio of screw is (18~20): 1, the compression ratio is (2.5~3): 1, the barrel heating temperature is 160~185 ℃, and the mold temperature is 165~195 ℃.
The process temperature at the homogenization section of the barrel in the injection molding equipment is 165~185 ℃, the temperature at the front end of the barrel is 170~180 ℃, the nozzle temperature is 175~190 ℃, and the injection pressure is about 50 MPa.
After the production of PVC/ABS plastic alloy extrusion or injection molding products is completed, the residual materials in the barrel shall be cleaned with ABS, HDPE and HIPS materials to prevent the mixture in the barrel from decomposing due to heat. The production units of PVC/ABS plastic alloy resin include Shanghai Gaoqiao Chemical Plant, Lanzhou Chemical Industry Company Synthetic Rubber Plant, Shanghai Shengde Plastic Plant, etc.

2.3.20 PVC/polyacrylate blend

PVC/polyacrylate blend can also be called ACR rubber modified polychloroene. It is a new polymer material prepared by mixing PVC and polyacrylate in a certain proportion, abbreviated as PVC/ACR.
(1) Properties of PVC/ACR blends
The compatibility of PVC and polyacrylate is good. Due to the mixing of polyacrylate in PVC resin, the impact resistance of PCE explosive products is improved, and the processing performance, weather resistance, transparency, light resistance, cold resistance, and coloring are improved. In addition, the melt strength, gel speed, and tensile elongation are also improved.
(2) Preparation of PVC/ACR blends
The preparation method of PVC/ACR blend is relatively simple. As long as it is measured according to the mixing ratio of the two materials, and then added with auxiliary materials for PVC molding, it can be granulated after being mixed evenly and mixed.
(3) PVC/ACR blend products and molding methods
PVC/ACR blends can be used to form plastic products by extrusion, injection molding and foaming. It is mainly used for forming products with high impact strength requirements. Such as pipe, plate, profile, sheet, hollow products and foam products.


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